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Online Marketing - Webdesign

Would you need more customers, more income and more profit? Did you think about utilizing the power of the Internet so far at all? You might already have a website but it's just a pain and not bringing any results?

We have the answer for this questions and the right tools to find the leaks in your Internet strategy! Yes, not just your website but your whole concept how you think to utiilize the Internet to serve your needs! Get a domain, ask your friend's cousin to quickly set up a website or a webshop, perhaps buy a cheap preconfigured one from a student who is spamming you on a daily basis anyway? It all might sound simple, yet when it comes to get it work and bring income you face the real problem: "What should I do with all this stuff at all?" Yes, it's like getting a free private jet that you can't drive, there's no fuel and no ground personnel to service it. So basically, it's useless.

Yes, Internet marketing is simple and seems to be easy. The good news, that it is simple the bad news that it can be extremely time consuming for someone doing the first site or webshop for his / her own company. The information you need is all out on the Internet, but you have to be able to understand it not just reading it. Of course you have the option to learn all this but here comes the real question? Does it all worth for you to spend that much time that is heavy money rather than paying a fair fee to get it all planned, set up and perhaps maintain? While you are focusing your job the Internet based marketing starts up and will pay off in a shorter while compared to the "do it all yourself" scenario.

As you can see Internet strategy is not just about a website, it's a well planned structure, that starts at the search engine's results, goes through your website or webshop, where your customer picks the service or items he / she may wish to purchase and ends at the checkout leaving your site by leaving behind profit for you. Or almost ends there, since the customer who just purchased your products or services might be your best, returning customer in the future. To ensure it you need to track and trace him / her, keeping notified about your offers and returning customer benefits to ensure his / her happiness by shopping at you or using your services.

Exactly that's what we are suggesting to do when offering our Internet strategy planning service that includes:

  • planning your Internet stragegy, based on what you / your company is doing or would like to do and identifying the targeted audience
  • searching for best available tools and methods to reach your potential customers
  • implementing the methods by designing and building website(s), webshop(s), newsletters, facebook pages, any other social makerting site
  • building anyting by keeping in mind to optimize the every single part of it for search engines in order to get on the first pages
  • optionally also maintaining the website's back-end system to ensure always latest updates are being applied to provide security against hacks.

Our rates are more than competitive, and the first year's hosting cost is always included in the website's fee.

Website rates start at 50 000 HUF + VAT, that include a customized template, domain and hosting fee for the first year. Custom template, additional functions all raise the overall cost however do help you to reach out to your customers and generate more profit of them!

Webshop rates start at 100 000 HUF + VAT, that includes a customized webshop template, domain and hosting fee for the first year. It is fully configured for purchasing and shipping, and a set of startup items are added, yet not all you may wish to have. Adding more items may be done by the tenant or by us in return of an agreed additional or maintenance fee.

Maintenance rates start at 5000 HUF + VAT / month / website and includes 1 hour of maintenance work. Typically it includes applying the latest security patches to the back-end system, changing some text, menus and images. For a detailed maintenance package please contact us or ask for it at the initial quote!

For further information please contact us or request a call back on the left side panel!

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